Off the Radar

Off the Radar Post

There comes a time when you need to take a break, recharge from work or even more important,  reward yourself with a get a way after achieving your milestones ….I am a big believer in getting  “Off the Radar” so to speak. Get away from the laptop, cell phone, TV and go somewhere where your really off the grid….It’s so amazing how your perspective of all the things your working on will become more crystal clear. It really gives you a chance to think things through…whats working, what’s not…what needs tweaking and brand new ideas just have a chance to flow and get you all inspired what you can achieve.  Feeling the since of freedom and off the grid of stress also get’s you clear on your reasons to work hard and focused on your projects so you can acheive  the financial and time freedom to take  time off when are where you want.  So next time you set a goal and reach it…get away…. and I hope you  find yourself from time to time ” Off the Radar”