Off the Radar

There comes a time when you need to take a break, recharge from work or even more important,  reward yourself with a great get a way after achieving your milestones ….This was my treat… to go on a camp out horse back in the Teton Yellowstone Wilderness. Just watching our mules and horses graze freely in a pristine high altitude open valley was breathtaking to me.  Believe me, we were off the radar and the grid. I am a big believer in getting  “Off the Radar” so to speak. Get away from the laptop, cell phone, TV and go somewhere where all these electronics and gadgets are not front and center in your here and  now…. It’s so amazing how your perspective of all the things your working on will become more crystal clear. I know at least for me, connecting with the great outdoors and the outback, it really gives you a chance to think things through…whats working, what’s not…what needs tweaking and brand new ideas just have a chance to flow and get you all inspired on what you can achieve.  Feeling the since of freedom and off the grid from stress also allows you to focus on your passions and the reason ” why ” its worth the hard work and what an amazing feeling you get from achieving your goals and dreams…

When you finally achieve the financial and time freedom…and can take time off when and where you want…wow…now that is real freedom.  So next time you set a goal, set realistice achievable milestones.  When you reach those milestones…reward yourself    and get away…. and I hope you  find yourself from time to time ……..      “Off The Radar “

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